Statistics, Facts & Figures

From July 2012 to December 2018 we estimate a saving to the NHS and Hospices of £341,350

Here at Blood Bikes Manchester, we pride ourselves on keeping all statistics, facts and figures and this page will hopefully give you an insight into our jobs, clients, items carried, fleet usage etc.

Bikes and Cars

Not only do we use motorcycles, but also have for larger consignments or bad weather, 2 cars and one van. Our 2019 statistics show:

Our 5 fleet motorcycles completed 1328 jobs

Our 2 cars and 1 van completed 875 jobs

We will only ever carry one box on our motorcycles (Blood / Plasma / Platelets / Donor Breast Milk) although we will carry 2 boxes on the rack for the Air Ambulance runs.

In 2019 we completed 15 emergency runs (deemed very urgent by the hospital), 892 urgent runs, 622 none urgent or emergency (includes routine sample runs) and 22 relay runs (linking up with fellow blood bike groups to transport consignments across regions).