The Nationwide Association of Blood Bikes

Back in 2011, a group of friends contacted NABB to help them setup the Manchester group. Not having a group covering the Northwest, by the start of 2012, Blood Bikes Manchester was born.

The Nationwide Association of Blood Bikes (NABB) are an umbrella organisation who assist member groups with representation, financial subsidies, guidance and support. With the one aim to provide a free of charge medical transport service to the NHS.

Since 2008, NABB has successfully promoted and been actively involved in the start up of numerous independent Blood Bike groups across the UK and the Republic of Ireland. With only a handful of areas not yet covered by a Blood Bike group, our vision of providing a ‘coast to coast’ service is rapidly becoming a reality. Although we are all volunteers, we operate to professional standards and comply with current legislation relating to our activities, which includes MHRA / NICE guidelines, UN3373 compliance and GMP training.

Blood Bike Groups

During 2013, the 25 NABB member group’s 1,400 advanced qualified volunteer riders responded to around 35,000 requests for rapid transport from 262 hospitals in the UK.

Prescott Bike Festival

Raising funds for NABB and Severn Freewheelers