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Welcome to Blood Bikes Radio

Is there a need for it………
Well Yes, No, I don’t know, and we won’t know until we try.
The idea of the station came from the Chairman of Blood Bikes Manchester (Paul Redfern – Pictured Above) who spent many a happy year on BikerFM. ‘I met so many wonderful people, either on air or in person up and down the country and I really owe a huge thank you to Suggsy and BikerFM for giving me such a good laugh, we certainly made a lot of happy memories. Working alongside his co-host Big Steve, the pair were a force to reckon with, often upsetting the station manager and really pushing the limits of the station which may be due to their long history together in a couple of motorcycle clubs and not forgetting the pair also setup Blood Bikes Manchester with the aid NABB (Nationwide Association of Blood Bikes).

The recent pandemic and the lockdown got Paul thinking about maybe setting this up, maybe it was due to everyone in the house all working from home and him locking himself in his office out of the way, but here we are, with a go live date of 1st July, all software and licences are in place including PRS and LOML, Facebook, Twitter and Website are nearly finished, email server and telephone line is in place, we are just missing a few things.

If you fancy having a go at being a voluntary presenter, there are a few things you need,

  1. Knowledge or insight into Blood Bikes, what we do, why we do it etc, ideally be a member of a group.
  2. A computer and the ability to use it, the station software is very easy to use.
  3. An internet connection, ideally hard wired to your home router rather than wifi.
  4. A microphone and headphones or an all in one headset. This is so you can hear what your playing and speak live.
  5. Music on your computer, this can be anything, but bare in mind you want to generate a following and if your playing thrash metal throughout your show, then that is the target audience your gonna get, everyone else will switch off.
  6. The ability to share the station, either through your personal social media or indeed the stations.
  7. Ideas on how we can get sponsorship which will cover the running costs. This can be done via a custom jingle that will be run at set times 24/7. What we dont want is an advert for let’s say toilet roll, we want sponsors that can benefit from the blood bikers and the blood bikers and their friends and family can get good deals through us (maybe with a discount code etc) For example but not set in stone, £200 per year will get a stationwide advert which will be played on or near the hour (depending on news) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Thats over 8500 jingles played advertising one thing. ( Blood Bike Groups, NABB etc will get free adverts advertising their events, so for example, Prescott Hill Climb in aid of NABB will automatically get free advertising and they can supply their own jingle or have one made for around £30) If you don’t want to pay for an event jingle, get someone to record themselves on a mobile phone and send it to us.
Thats it, so where do we go from here, well you may hear a few test shows on the station from now until 1st July, you may also see the odd advert for volunteers to either present a show, do a podcast recording of a show and send it in, assist with the building of a website, group members to record an interview with fellow blood bikers about their role, why they do it etc.
Just keep an eye out on our social media and don’t forget if you wanna be a part of this just for fun but promotional station just email
Many thanks from the Station Manager.

Download the player apps completely free of charge

Apple IOS


Just go to the App Store and search ‘Blood Bikes Radio’, it also works on Ipods and Ipads.



Click the following link, this will take you to Google Play Store. Also works on tablets  – Android App

Our website – – is still being built at the moment but there are 2 different PC players on our Listen Live page. Please feel free to download them.…

Hope this helps, don’t forget to share this post with your friends and if you fancy doing your own show, just email or inbox on our facebook page.