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Duty Riding

Our Riders are usually the ‘face’ of the charity, making deliveries on behalf of our clients. The Charity own fully liveried, fleet motorcycles and cars which we arrange to be handed over to the rider before the start of their shift, the bikes / cars are kept at the riders homes throughout that shift so when a call comes in they are ready to go.

The anatomy of a call

A call comes in from the hospital requesting a delivery, the Duty Controller (DC) takes the details
Decides which rider / driver to dispatch (this could depend on distance; nearest first, or the amount of jobs a rider has already done that shift)
The DC rings the rider – it’s a quick call, “Hi I have a job for you if you fancy doing it for me” and if you agree to take the job on, he or she will give you the details for your pocket book (A book which we use to collect signatures)
‘On yah bike’ or ‘In yah car’ depending on the job, weather etc and off you go.
Each job and your location is fully tracked by the controller until the job is completed and you have arrived home safely. Job Done!!!!

Rider Requirements

Our insurers require the following stipulations to be met.All riders must hold a full motorcycle licence making sure your entitled to ride one of our Honda NC750X’s. and have been riding for over 2 years including 12 months motorway riding
Hold an Advanced Riding Certificate (IAM / RoSPA / Emergency Service) or;
Undertake a test with our approved Riding School Partner – please contact us for more details. We will require copies of your driving licence and advanced riding certificate before training can commence. Please email us a copy or post a copy to Blood Bikes Manchester, 2 Keswick Avenue, Hyde, Cheshire, SK14 4PQ. Even if you are still undertaking your advanced riding assessment, you can still take our Blood Bikes to and from events, you just cant do the service until you have passed your advanced,  we would urge you to get involved with maybe Duty Controlling or fundraising, it’s a great way to meet the team and will give you an early understanding of how everything works.
Driver Requirements
Our insurers require the following stipulations to be met.
All drivers must over 25 years of age, also must have a clean licence with no pending issues.

We will provide all volunteers with a hi-viz vest for fundraising activity.
We ask all new volunteers to donate £25 towards their high viz vest – please submit your donation via paypal to or Just Giving  (remember you can add gift aid if you are a UK tax payer) or send a cheque made payable to Blood Bikes Manchester (please drop us an email when you have done this so we can mark it off our records). *please note that the high viz vests remain the property of BBM and would need to be returned if your volunteering ceasesVolunteers are only permitted to wear the vests when on official charity business, under no circumstances must volunteers wear their blood bike hi viz whilst riding their personal bike. If you are involved in an accident, the emergency services may presume you have been carrying a consignment and proceed to look for it.
We ask our riders to provide and wear the following when riding on behalf of the charity. Full Face (flip front optional) helmet (plain with no stickers or markings where possible) that satisfies UK legal requirements.
Black Riding leather / Textile pants – Black or Dark coloured Riding Jacket
Gloves, Suitable riding boots

ShiftsWe ask that riders  / drivers cover a 2/3 consecutive evening shift in any one period or a weekend, as this limits our bike transfer mileage, we cover 365 days including 24 hours over weekends and bank holidays, our on-call hours are as follows:
Monday 19:00pm to 24:00pm – Evening Shift
Tuesday 00:00am to 06:00am – Early Morning Shift

Tuesday 19:00pm to 24:00pm – Evening Shift
Wednesday 00:00am to 06:00am – Early Morning Shift

Wednesday 19:00pm to 24:00pm – Evening Shift
Thursday 00:00am to 06:00am – Early Morning Shift

Friday 19:00pm to 24:00pm – Evening Shift
Saturday 00:00am to 09:00am – Early Morning Shift

Saturday 09:00am to 24:00pm Day Shift
Sunday 00:00am to 09:00am – Early Morning Shift

Sunday 09:00am to 24:00pm – Day Shift
Monday 00:00am to 06:00am – Early Morning Shift

We do ask that riders try to cover full shifts although we understand you may have to get up for work early. But if you can cover a full shift eg: Monday 7pm till 6am thats great. The reason we have consecutive shifts is to reduce ‘dead’ mileage from transferring the bikes between riders.
All volunteers must undertake some form of charity work within a 2 month period, this will ensure you constantly remain compliance with our operations. Sadly if we have no contact or you do not appear on the rota for 2 months or longer then you will automatically be removed from our system.

Facebook PagesWe have an official Facebook page plus a private members page which you will be added to once we have received all your documents.

Next Steps

Please hit the application button when you’ve digested all of this. If you are still happy we will then arrange to get you up and running this will include: Taking receipt of your certificates
Taking receipt of jacket donation
Complete a hospital confidentiality agreement
Arrange shadow rides
Set up your access to our volunteers sites
Introduce you to the team
Provide you with links to all the relevant sites you will need to complete the role.
Ready to go, hit the button

Application Form

When you click on the above link (application form) a new browser page should open. This will take you to our application form.