Fleet Page

Here are our current fleet.

Bike 1

Bike 1 is a 2015 Honda NC750X

Bike 2

Bike 2 is a 2015 Honda NC750X

Bike 3

Bike 3 is a 2016 Honda NC750X. This bike along with bike 4 was purchased via a grant from UPS.

Bike 4

Bike 4 is a 2016 Honda NC750X. This bike along with bike 3 was purchased via a grant from UPS.

Bike 5

Bike 5 is a 2017 Honda NC750X

Car 1

Fiat Qubo Automatic

Car 2

Dacia Duster Automatic, The car named ‘Mark Mason’ was purchased via the kind donation from the Mark Mason Benevolent Fund who funded lots of other groups with new bikes and cars. £350,000 was spent in all and this fantastic gesture will certainly help all the blood bike groups involved. 


Our new to us, Mercedes Vito Automatic Van. It will not only be used for events and towing the trailer, but will also be call out ready as a backup to our other 2 cars. This vehicle was very kindly purchased by Dave Mylett for us, more details can be found here – New Van

Display Trailer

Our work-horse. Taken to the majority of the fundraising events we attend, from market and store collections, carnivals and fete’s, bike and car shows. Pretty much anywhere we can tow it to and park it up, we will always try and use it.

Motorcycle Trailer

The motorcycle trailer was purchased by our chairman Paul Redfern to assist us in the transportation of broken down bikes or if bikes need to be taken to the garage for service etc. The trailer looked nothing like it does now when it was first purchased and that is thanks to Steve Thompson who completely renovated it making it more user friendly. The trailer has also been used at carnivals with a blood bike on the back along with our mascot ‘Billy’.

Child friendly Fleet, Car 1

A BMW car fully branded and marked up in blood colours, giving children something to sit in whilst their grown ups chat to our volunteers, and even though our group isn’t a blue light service, this car comes with flashing blue lights, the kids love it. Graphics designed and applied by our volunteers. The car was very kindly donated to use and we have disconnected any drive so it can’t be driven away.

Child friendly Fleet, Bike 1

A mini moto motorcycle that has had all drive workings removed or disabled and placed upon a stand so the children can sit on whilst the grown ups take their picture. They are then given a card with our social media contact on so if they wish, they can share the picture with us. This bike was kindly donated and managed by our volunteers, making sure its clean, tidy, safe and the batteries are charged for the flashing lights.

Child friendly Fleet, Bike 2

Our second mini moto childs bike, and as you can see from this picture, it’s certainly been through the wars having had hundreds of children (and the odd adult) sitting on it. Its due a revamp which will be carried out by our volunteers.

Book us

Are you hosting an event in the Greater Manchester area and would like some of our fleet to attend, maybe a bike or car show, a carnival or fete, a market or shopping centre collection. Whilst our 2019 event calendar is filling up nicely, we will always try to attend (depending on current events and Job allocations) but please feel free to ask us.

Can you help?

Do you have a vehicle / bike / trailer / childs sit on ride etc that you would be willing to donate to blood bikes. Even if it is for us to auction to raise funds, or use as a regular fleet vehicle. If so, please hit the contact us button and complete the form with details. We are always looking for additions, especially the child’s fleet.